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kyn28a (p/v-1 2) seriesac metal-enclosed switchgear

kyn28a (p/v-12) ac metal-enclosed switchgear, also known as mid-set switchgear (full name: armored removable ac metal-enclosed switchgear), is a three-phase ac 50hz indoor assembled power distribution equipment, which is used to receive and distribute 3.6-12 kv network electrical energy and implement control protection and monitoring of the circuit. it is widely used to implement control, protection and detection in the power generation of power plants, small and medium-sized generators, distribution of industrial and mining enterprises and institutions, power distribution and generation of secondary substation of power system, start-up of large high-voltage motors, etc., which can be equipped with abb's vd4 vacuum circuit breaker, can also be equipped with vs1 vacuum circuit breaker, meeting the relevant standards of gb 3906, dl403, dl404, iec-298, etc.

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yzgw series10kv smart outdoor ring switchgear

10kv smart outdoor ring network switchgear is mainly composed of switchgear units and automation control units, with various co-box combination schemes with any combination of v-unit (vacuum circuit breaker), c-unit (vacuum load switch) and f-unit (vacuum load switch fuse combination appliance), with switchgear elements and connecting busbar enclosed in the same air chamber or insulated busbar externally extended, which are widely used in the field of smart distribution network automation and urban distribution, meeting relevant standards such as gb 3906, gbit 11022, jbit 10840, etc.

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solid insulatedring network cabinet

solid insulated ring network cabinet is a smart, environmentally friendly, full-working equipment with operational safety, suitable for 12kv and 24kv secondary power distribution system, with full insulation, long life, maintenance-free, small space, and is safe and reliable, not affected by the environment, etc. it is widely used in ring network and terminal power supply for industrial and civil use, especially for the field of small secondary distribution stations, opening and closing stations, industrial and mining enterprises, airports, railroads, commercial areas, high-rise buildings, highways, subways, tunnels, etc., in particular the special environment of plateau, humidity, cold, low injection, which has three structures of v (circuit breaker), c (load switch), f (combined appliance). the products meet gb3906, gb/11022, iec6227 and other related standards.

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