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kyn28a (p/v-1 2) series

ac metal-enclosed switchgear
kyn28a (p/v-12) ac metal-enclosed switchgear, also known as mid-set switchgear (full name: armored removable ac metal-enclosed switchgear), is a three-phase ac 50hz indoor assembled power distribution equipment, which is used to receive and distribute 3.6-12 kv network electrical energy and implement control protection and monitoring of the circuit. it is widely used to implement control, protection and detection in the power generation of power plants, small and medium-sized generators, distribution of industrial and mining enterprises and institutions, power distribution and generation of secondary substation of power system, start-up of large high-voltage motors, etc., which can be equipped with abb's vd4 vacuum circuit breaker, can also be equipped with vs1 vacuum circuit breaker, meeting the relevant standards of gb 3906, dl403, dl404, iec-298, etc.

five interlocks, safe and reliable

● it has "five functions" to prevent misoperation of circuit breaker, to prevent pushing and pulling trolley with load, to prevent closing grounding switch with electricity, to prevent grounding switch from powering-on in grounding position and to prevent false entry into live interval.

reasonable structure, and high-end materials

● the switchgear is divided into three independent compartments, and the top of each compartment is equipped with a pressure relief device; when an internal fault occurs, the air pressure inside the high-pressure chamber rises, and the high-pressure gas will be released through the pressure relief device.
● the shell and partition of the switchgear are made of high-quality zinc-plated steel plates which are bent and bolted by cnc machining center, with strong anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, high steel and mechanical strength.
● adjacent switchgear is separated by their respective side plates and partitions, and there is still an air buffer layer after splicing the cabinet, which can prevent the switchgear from being melted by the fault arc

brand unification for maintenance

● p/v-12 adopts the technical design of shanghai general electric company, and the cabinet is equipped with vb2-12 solid-sealed trolley vacuum circuit breaker, the cabinet and the circuit breaker are of the same brand.

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  • 医院的消费系统,不仅需符合民用建筑规范要求、建筑防火规范要求,也需符合医院对消防供电可靠性、连续性要求。

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  • 工业行业由于其设备负荷的特殊性,生产的连续性,要求供电可靠不能间断。

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  • 风电行业由于其所处环境以及负荷类别的特殊性,要求具有极高可靠性和供电连续性。

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  • 为了系统安全,电网运营商通常要求光伏发电系统通过隔离升压变压器接入低压/中压配 电网实现并网运行。

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  • 充电桩可以固定在地面或墙壁,可以根据不同的电压等级为各种型号的电动汽车充电。

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